Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My new home...the Burgh

So it's been 2 weeks since I left Nebraska and have begun a new chapter of my life in Pittsburgh. Thus far, it's been amazing. There's so much to do in the city...several huge parks, excellent cafes and restaurants, unique neighborhoods, beautiful bridges all over, old churches, and hill after hill of leg-building enjoyment.
I've been riding a lot. It gives me a great excuse to get out and explore the city. I've been to Riverview, Highland, Point State, Schenley, and Frick Parks. Riverview has an excellent bike lane that runs around the entire park. A great crit for the road bike. Point State Park is where the 3 rivers meet. And, Frick Park has some amazing singletrack. It's techinical in areas, but mainly rolling dirt trails. I had the chance of riding it on Saturday and Sunday with group rides. Took a good fall (endo) on Saturday on a downhill descent (the decents are much steeper here). Aside from the parks, the city has sufficient on-street bike lanes. Many of these are in gorgeous neighborhoods where you can get a glimpse at all the old homes. Sarah and I have also ventured down to the bike trails along the river. These are either paved or crushed limestone. Our favorite trail is probably the on the North Shore because it overlooks the city and runs along the stadiums.
We've also experienced the Burgh's food. We ate the famous Pittsburgher at Primanti Bros this last Saturday. When my parents were in town, we took them to the Church Brew Works...an old church that has been converted into a brewery. Sarah and I have done a few dinner dates at local neighborhood restaurants. We have discovered that Ellsworth Ave and Walnut Ave (Shadyside) have some good eats.
This weekend, I have plans to do the Cheat Mountain Challenge at Snowshoe Resort in West Virginia. It's 75 miles of Appalachian mountain climbs. I'm meeting up with an former co-worker from the bike store in Lincoln. If the weather cooperates, we're going to make this trip happen.
Exciting stuff going on here. Sarah and I are having a blast!

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Oscar said...

Glad things are going well for you in the big city. Best luck.