Friday, July 24, 2009

RAGBRAI '09 - Council Bluffs to Martensdale

Team Skanks loaded up the bikes and ventured off to Iowa for 3 blissful days of self-contained riding. The bike weighed in around 60 pounds, and made the hills of Iowa that more challenging.
The final tally for the 3 days, for my bro and I, was 198 miles (disappointed it wasn't 200). Aside from the rain on Tuesday afternoon, the weather was relatively comfortable. Evenings and mornings were a bit chilly, but nothing to complain about. Highlights of the tour: beer can obstacle course near top of grueling hill, fantastic route out of Council Bluffs, Ames beer (who knew?), pork chops 2 days from Mr. Porkchop, excellent salmon pasta from Pastafari, tent camping, super-steep hill out of Red Oak on Monday (okay, it kind of sucked), flawless pick-up in Martensdale, nice folks in Greenfield who let us set up camp in yard. Good time was had by all!

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Joshua Barker said...

YES! The ride was fantastic. Every year we do it - RAGBRAI just keeps getting better and better. Only 347 days until #38.