Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cheat Mountain Challenge - Snowshoe, West Virginia

Rewind 2 weeks...the Cheat Mountain Challenge ride at Snowshoe resort in West Virginia. With over 10,000 feet of climbing, amazing descents, and beautiful Appalachian Mountain vistas, this ride was definitely worth it. Chris and I decided on the metric century (80 miles) after a relatively tough first 15 miles. These climbs were steady and lengthy, but offered up some excellent descents through narrow back-country roads. Fortunately, this ride has rest stops every 15 miles or so. The ride is completely supported, so riders can stock up on PB&J, power bars, chips, fruit, and other goodies at every stop. The route ends with a grueling climb up Snowshoe Mountain. This is climb itself is 2,000 feet. To say the least, I was in the smallest gear the entire way, and required one stop during the way up the mountain. Overall, a fantastic ride and fun trip.

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