Sunday, August 30, 2009

Riding...and yet more riding

For the last couple of weeks, my bikes and I have really bonded. It's a very mature relationship, because we've been through a lot over the last month. 1) A move to a major metropolitan city - Pittsburgh (time spent in the back of a Penske truck. 2) Singletrack and city streets that are completely unfamiliar to the tires. And 3) The hills of the Burgh! (killer on the bikes' bottom brackets). Speaking of hills, Sarah and I ventured out to the southside of town to attempt a very specific hill. This hill is argueably the steepest hill in the world (it is the steepest hill in the US). At a 37% grade, the cobblestone makes it only more difficult to climb. I had difficulties going down the slick road, let alone riding up the thing. After 3 failed attempts at the monster hill, I was humbled and slightly humiliated. The Surly (and the rider on the Surly) just could not do it. Next time, I'm bringing the 29'er so I can drop into the granny gear and utilize the knobbier tires on the rough terrain. Here's a few pics, but they really don't do it justice...

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