Tuesday, September 8, 2009

4th time is a charm

Finally, after 3 previous criteriums, I was able to crack the top 10. As a matter of fact, I proudly finished 8th this evening. Tough race, though...we averaged around 25 mph. I won a primes for fastest lap, and should have one at least one more. In fact, I came within inches of winning 3 primes (laps). So, after several attempts at cracking the top 10, and sadly finishing in the middle of the pack, I accomplished my goal at the last crit of the season.
Note on the crit track/course. Pittsburgh has a designated track called the Washington Oval (because it's off Washington Boulevard). This track was formerly where one would take their driver's license test. Therefore, the course has banked turns into the corners. Makes for an interesting race when one is flying into these turns at 20+ miles per hour in an attempt to avaide other cyclists, hold a line, and not crash. It's quite the lung-burning race that's an adrenaline rush.

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Harp said...

nice job man. i love crit racing.