Monday, September 7, 2009

3 Parks in 3 Days

The picture is deceiving....the Surly did not make the 3 adventures into the parks this weekend (I took this picture on my first visit to the park in August). Instead, the Fisher 29'er had fun playing in the fast, flowing singletrack of Hartwood Acres, Frick Park, and Boyce Park. All were different and unique. Hartwood was a good mix of technical obstacles and smooth-flowing dirt. Frick has an excellent roller coaster section, some leg-burning climbs, and some tricky off-camber trails. Oh, and the super-steep descent off a chute was a bit nerve-racking. Boyce is all about the logs. There are tons of log crossings throughout the park. Plus, a number of bridges and obstacles that add to the technical difficulty. Fortunately, I met up with some guys riding Hartwood on Friday night, so they could lead me around the park. Same guys were nice enough to invite me out to Boyce on Sunday. Overall, some great riding and the weather could not have been any better.

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