Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Announcement: motorists of Pittsburgh...bikes get the road, too!!! I'm getting really tired of slamming on my brakes so I can swerve to miss your vehicles. Tonight, coming home from the gym just a half mile from home, two motorists decided to demonstrate their Pittsburgh lefts and their inability to account for cyclists. I was pedaling down Negley when the first oncoming vehicle decided to turn quickly left onto Ellsworth in front of me (this was as I was practically in the intersection). After stopping to say a few choice words, I began to clip into my pedal again. To my surprise, the second vehicle behind the other car, opted to turn in front of me as well. I couldn't believe it! After the first incident, how could the person in the second car not notice me? Are you that inept and clueless?
Driving a motor vehicle is a big responsibility. It requires thought, skill, and some coordination. Drivers that are using their cell phones to chat or text are only further distracted. On several past occasions, I've swerved or slammed on my brakes to avoid talking/texting drivers. About a month ago on my way to work, a car behind me bumped into my rear bumper. He evidently was looking at his planner on his lap. Just focus on the task at hand...driving. Sorry, but I had to get this off my chest.

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Ryan said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I don't know if you know, but I got hit by a car a few months ago. Not quite sure how they didn't see me. Trust me, Pittsburgh doesn't have all of the dumb drivers...SF has plenty of them.