Thursday, July 2, 2009

Indian Cave State Park trip

My fiance and I had a chance to finally make it out to Indian Cave for some camping and riding. It was great to break out the camping supplies again. Great prep for Ragbrai. That night, while sitting around the campfire, we had an unexpected guest of some kind. Unknowingly, we had an intruder steal a bag of food. We found a trail of oranges from the bag that led into the forest. The girls claimed it was either a pack of coyotes (heard earlier in the night) or a rapeist. So, around midnight, we got to pack up the tents and move our camp closer to other fellow campers (expect now at the RV park down the road). Therefore, it wasn't the most peaceful night.
Sarah and I got up the next morning for some riding. She ventured off on the pavement to explore the entire state park. I ventured into the single track to test trails 3, 7, 8, and 9. With the exception of the awesome downhill and scenic vistas from trail 8, I was disappointed. The horses have again made their mark. I spent a good portion of the ride dodging large horse-hoof divots. The trails are not very bike friendly. You have to know the trails well so you don't have any painful uphills (I experienced one). After such climb, I can across two aquestrians. I made the comment to the first gentleman on horse that it was quite the climb. He replied that is so the bikers don't go on the trails. I thought this was a pathetically rude comment, but I continued on my way as I had to rendevous with Sarah shortly. Overall, a good trip. Glad to have made it out there before the move to Pitt.

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