Friday, June 5, 2009

Kanesville Krusher at Lewis & Clark

The relatively techical course is strewn with bluffs of difficult climbs. Had a chance to run the granny gear and largest cog on the last climb of the course. Nice little roller coaster section with a tree pyramid obsticle that has been built up. Overall, I placed 10th in the Cat 2 Open division. Not bad considering the circumstaces...
1. Poor first lap thanks to a front deraileur that didn't want to shift down to a lower chain ring at the very beginning of the race (gravel road climb). Therefore, I was already in last place because I had to stop momentarily, put the chain back on the 2nd chain ring, and start pedaling again. First lap 28:12, 2nd lap 53:47, 3rd lap 1:19:35. See?
2. Never rode the course with the exception of the 1/2 lap that I did before the event. That's my own fault, really.
3. Bad allergies. Yep, these were kicking my butt days before the race and into that morning.
Great race, though. Scenic vista of Omaha added to the experience.

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Redbone said...

Congrats on the top 10.