Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Me versus We

When did the "Me" become more important than the "We?" How did the trust unravel right before our eyes? What happened to a company that was so right, so perfect in its beginnings? What happened to the "We?"

A promise that was made just a few months past - no layoffs. It was said that the company would ride out the economic turmoil. It was a slap in the face, a cold shoulder turned...I was abandoned. Lies, deceit, mistrust, and dishonesty have scorned the company. So absolute, so admittantly sincere in its beginnings, corruption now has its stronghold. Now it's nothing but sorry excuses, mistrust, and dishonesty. Discouraging and absolutely devastating.

The "We," the company "team," will continue to flounder, flailing to keep their heads above water. Employees are drowning under your own weight. And, now, now the "team" is derailing. Uncertainty and fear have led them into a state of panic. They are on pins-and-needles. Sadly, because of this decision to let go several employees that helped build your company.

Fascinated not by the "We," but now the "Me." The "Me"...this pronoun is caught up in capitalistic nonsense. When the stuff/the insignificant material of this world are more important than humanity. It's greed. Exorbitant salaries, unnecessary company expenditures for pleasure, and unaltered Christmas bonuses are continuing. These items should have been cut, not human capital. Unto this, the rich will continue to get richer, and the poor, well, poorer. The lust for wealth is entirely delusional. And, again it must be asked, what happened to the "We?"

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nebraskawhit said...

Amen! Well written, Jason.