Monday, December 15, 2008

From bike to snowboard, back to bike

Who said that one cannot ride on Black Friday, snowboard the next weekend, and turn around to ride again the following weeekend. Astoundingly, that happened for me. I completed the trilogy this last Saturday with a singletrack ride out at Branched Oak accompanied by 3 friends. Unfortunately, Branched Oak was likely the last dirt ride of 2008 (much colder temperatures have set in). Pictures are from the Black Friday ride, starting in Ralston and heading north on the Keystone trail. Of course, we had to make a stop at Old Chicago to refuel with barley/hop beverages and watch part of the Husker/CU game. The self-pic on the snowboard was taken in the Sun Down Bowl (super fun black runs) at Vail. Seriously, one of the best blue-bird days ever. Relatively fresh snow, mild temperatures, and light wind made it epic. Oh, and Game Creek Bowl in Vail is a must. Two other days in CO were spent at Breck and Beaver Creek. Oh, and I finally had my first Fat Tire in a can. It was as equally tasty as the bottled brew.

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