Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The picture says it all. Sadly enough and I hate to admit, this is the first time I've actually transported beer on the bike rack. I've carried beer in my Timbuk2, but never actually on my bike. Of course, in Iowa, one has to enjoy the best...nothing but Busch Lite.

Riding with 20,000 other cyclists = this is what Ragbrai is all about. It is a moving party on 2 wheels. You meet tons of people from across the US. I highly recommend it. Seriously, if you have a bike (any bike) partake in the Ragbrai adventure.

The crew that I have rode with on Ragbrai for the last two years are referred to as the Skanks. There's quite a lengthy story that goes along with team name. More importantly, though, is that the name stirs up conversation. We are very fond of the name, and we'll be proudly bearing the licenses on our bikes for Ragbrais to come.

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