Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The farthest north I've been...Alaska!

First and foremost, Alaska is amazing. There is so much natural beauty in this state. Literally, everywhere I went, there was another picture opp. Restaurant recommedation = Glacier Brewing Company. As expected, it has the best Alaskan salmon and some wonderful micro brews. They have a cask beer that was incredible, too. On a warm day, it's worth the time just to walk around the city (it's pretty small). Definitely one of my best trips ever. Here I am in downtown Anchorage. Rightly so, Anchorage is the "Air Crossroads of the World."

This picture was taken on our way down to Seward for a whale-watching tour. This drive along Highway 1 (Seward Highway) was undoubtly the most scenic of my life. During the course of the drive, there are inlets where you can park and take pictures on rocks that jut out from the shore. Here I'm popping a squat on one of these rock ledges with Cook Inlet in the background.

So, for those of you that know me, I have this slight addicition to riding. It started with skiing, then I learned of the snowboard, and it went all downhill. Particularly, in the winter months, I discontinue riding the bicycle and ride the snowoboard. Here I am riding at Alyeska with Cook Inlet in the background. Officially, it ranked at the most scenic vista from any mountain summit. And, believe me, I've snowboarded at a lot of resorts (don't have me count). For those Coloradans, yes, it's even better than Keystone which overlooks Lake Dillon.

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