Friday, May 29, 2009

Pittsburgh...2 months in counting

It's been a while since I have posted anything, so I thought I would provide a quick life update. The preparation for the move is well underway. I have begun to box items throughout the house. Sarah and I have narrowed down our options of where we will be living in Pitt. It is definite that we will be "urbanites" and living near downtown. I'd like to live near Frick Park so that I have singletrack at my doorstep. However, I still would like to be minutes from downtown on bike.
Sarah's dissertation has kept her very busy. She is nearing the end of it, and she hopes to defend in June or early July. She's still very cute, even with the added stress.
I have been riding (a lot) and searching for a road bike. I've narrowed it down to a Cannondale Six of some kind. The Psycowpath series has kept me busy. The 3rd race will be in C.B. this weekend. My performance thus far has been average. I've placed in the middle of the pack in Cat 2. I did Cat 3 Open last year, so the competition has been more fierce. The Surly Cross-Check is still cranking out the commuter miles. Go Surly!
I finished the Iron Man Challenge through the gym. The goal was to complete a full Iron Man in two weeks. Of course, the biking came easy as did the swimming (surprisingly). I had to push myself on the runs, but I managed. In fact, the last run was a 4-miler in which I did 7-minute miles. Not too bad for a cyclist.
Aside from all this going on, I have tentatively made plans to visit the West before we head out to Pitt. A trip to Denver and maybe Moab might become reality at the end of June or early July. Still looking for volunteers to accompany me.
Still roaming like a nomad should,


Redbone said...

How was the race?

Sarah said...

awwwww. thanks sweetie

nebraskawhit said...

We're sure gonna miss you two when you move out to Pitt, but hope that we'll get out there to visit more often than just an average friend. You know, with the fact that John's family lives there and all. ;)