Friday, March 20, 2009

Blue October's new album

Many of you know that I am a huge Blue October fan. I've been to over 20 of their shows, many of which were at the old Music Box in Omaha. So, I've been following the band since roughly 2002. Tuesday, March 24th, Blue is releasing their 5th studio album. Their first single on the album, "Dirt Room," highlights why Blue is such an incredible band. Check out some of their more popular songs..."Hate Me, Into the Ocean, Calling You, 18th Floor Balcony, HRSA, Breakfast After 10, Inner Glow, and Italian Radio." Seriously, these guys put on a great concert and have a large following here in Nebraska. In fact, they added a second show at Socol in April. You should really get a ticket to see them.
The band engages the audience in the form of inspiration, amazement, and excitement. They congregate an audience with a passion for their music and the meaning behind their lyrics. They've taught me that not everything needs to be perfect nor will it be. It's about feeling "independently happy" and knowing that the "weight of the world" is not a sole burden. Favorite lyric = "To kill a young man's point of view is to kill his only friend." BLUE!

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Ryan said...

Go Blue! What do you think of the new album? Blue Skies, Dirt Room and Should be Loved are probably my favs. It's too bad I couldn't see them live at Sokol. How was the concert? I sure hope they didn't play Italian Radio with me not there.