Monday, December 12, 2011

Punk Bike Enduro

Dirt Rag held its annual Punk Bike Enduro at the beginning of December. It's basically a moving party on two wheels, equipped with outlandish costumes and some, just some tasty beverage consumption. It is still racing (if you choose). The Punk Enduro offers 11 stages of varying difficultly and skills. One such is the bike derby (complete with a ghost bike).
Other stages include a steep run up, and then a steep descent down a chute. This is the steepest chute I've ever attempted, and unfortunately washed out toward the bottom because I chose the wrong chute.
Two other stages had massive road climbs. So the first 7 guys and girls up the road one Punk points.
Yet another stage was an incredible descent down singletrack that ended with this off-camber rocky section where on-lookers could view the action.

I ended up finding a Punk and winning one stage so I did score some points which got me a nice jersey during the free reception. Good times. Looking forward to it next year.

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