Monday, July 11, 2011

Rhine valley, Cologne, and Amsterdam by bike

During my 5-week stay in Europe, I was able to get in a little cycling. I rented an upright Dutch bike in Bacharach and cruised down the Rhine river to St. Goar where I tour the Rheinfels Castle. In Cologne, I utilized the Bulls mountain bike that my host family was nice enough to provide me (given they had several other bikes of their own). I used the bike primarily for commuting purposes to and from the university. However, I did tour around Cologne with the bike and made an attempt of making it to Bonn via the riverside trail. This complete trip was prevented through a few wrong turns near a nuclear power plant and a fast-moving thunderstorm that forced me to seek refuge at the train stop for a return trip to Cologne. Oh well. Last, I rented a bike in Amsterdam and went on a bike tour with Mac Bikes. Informative tour with even more entertaining participants. I think 1/4 of them needed bike-riding lessons. In general, cycling success in Europe even though the bikes were much different from those back home. I was happy to get back in the saddle of my Surly, Fisher, and Cannondale bikes.

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