Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sweet revenge at Canton Ave.

At a 37% grade, it is supposedly the steepest hill in the Western Hemisphere. The hill is characterized by payment that turns to gapping cobblestone as you make your way up the tedious climb. It's rough...I won't kid you. Last year, Sarah and I ventured out to the South HIlls to try our legs on this hill. It got the best of me as I was only able to make it halfway up. Granted, my climbing legs are not what they are today, and I had my Surly Cross Check (heavier bike with slightly different gearing). This last weekend, I revisited my foe of last year is hope of redeeming myself. Equipped with my Cannondale road bike and running a 11-27 cassette, I was able to crank through this hill not once, but yes, twice (just wanted to make sure for good measure). It was quite monumental, at least in my mind. Sarah didn't seem quite so impressed with a return text that said, "I am proud?" Oh, you should be. Dirty Dozen is less than two weeks away. I've now hammered through 12 of those 13 hills successfully. The trick is doing all 13 in a row without bailing on the 50+ mile ride over Thanksgiving weekend. Should be interesting.


Robert S said...

There are enough breaks it typically isn't too hard to do them all in one day if you've done them before. The biggest problem is cramping from all the waiting in the cold.

Which is the one you haven't done yet?

Jason said...

The only hill left is #8 at Mount Washington. Likely going to hit it tomorrow. Yeah, I'm concerned with the cramping and stringing 13 hills together instead of just 4 or 5 which has been more typical in my training.