Monday, October 18, 2010

Month of Mud race at North Park

This particular race at North Park prompted over 200 racers to test their mountain biking skills in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. I think the ideal location and perfect weather made for a huge turnout. This race was another time trial, so individual races start at 1 minute intervals. Oddly, I was positioned just behind two friends that were 1 and 2 minutes in front of me. They were act as my "rabbits" in the chase to see if I could in fact catch them. The race began with a tough switchback climb for almost a mile. The loop continued with several steep descents and a few log crossings. One particular section was relatively rocky, so a full-suspension bike would have come in the preferred bike. I managed to pass one of my friends at about the 4 mile mark, but was not able to overcome my other friend in the last 1/2 mile descent to the finish line. I ended up placing 11th out of 45 racers in the Sport division. Again, not a bad showing and an improvement from Bavington's results placing 13th there. That's it for me this year with Month of Mud. Can't do Moraine next weekend because I'll be returning to NE for my college class reunion. Next up, two cyclocross races over Halloween weekend in Morgantown, WV.

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