Monday, September 13, 2010

After I heard the wheezing from my rear tire, I knew instantly that I had a flat. I pulled off the side of the road and began the routine of changing a flat. Found the location of the instigator (see pic) thinking it was a small tack of some kind. No, instead I pulled this sucker from my bicycle tire. Thoughts: Don't nails belong in tool boxes instead on city streets? How did I manage to find the nail with a tire that a fraction of the size of a car tire? I sure hope I have a spare tube on me (I did, fortunately). Before leaving the scene of the flat change, I disposed of the nail in a Doritos bag that was conveniently laying on the side of the road with a number of other garbage items. Another thought arose: seriously...throw away your trash! I took the Doritos bag, with the nail inside of it, and properly disposed of the bag and its contents so no one else would suffer the same travisty.

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