Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Pittsburgh Snow-pocalypse

I learned this was the fifth largest snowfall in Pittsburgh history (ever since they started keeping track). 18 inches of snow was dumped on Pittsburgh in the last 24 hours. At 7 Springs Resort, they posted 28 inches of freshies.

Braving the unplowed roads of Pittsburgh on the trusty 29'er, I ventured outdoors to take in the winter wonderland. I was surprised to find tons of Pittsburghers out wandering the streets (literally walking in the middle of the streets). Most sidewalks were not shoveled, but some of the main streets were. Due to the low traffic and white surroundings, this made for some great wintry riding.

This is one of my favorite pics during the ride...crime scene tape because a power line was down. I was more entertained by all the cars under mounds of snow and the unplowed road that was definitely unpassable on bike.

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Ryan said...

I can't believe you actually went out biking with all of that snow. I know 29ers are built for rough conditions but not heavy snow. There isn't a bike out there that is built to ride in that much snow, or at least well. I think you officially passed my test of whether or not you at nuts. Congrats.