Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Road to Raymond

Unseasonably warm temperatures for February meant getting on the bike for a gravel roads ride up to Raymond, NE. It's about 25 miles round-trip from my house in the Highlands. I took N. 1st Street up to Waverly road, then over to NW 40th Street up to Raymond. Following a brief Powerbar break in Raymond, I took Raymond Road down to James Arthur Vineyards. Here, I did a little wine tasting. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Nebraska wines, there are few to choose from (and rightly so). James Arthur actually makes a decent red wine, ironically enough called Nebraska Red. A couple of sommeliers at the vineyard made the comment that I was their first cyclist. I found that hard to believe, but they added that they see bikers, not cyclists. It was a proud moment.
After some pictures and wine tasting, I wandered back onto Raymond Road and took NW 27th back toward Lincoln. In route, I was chased by 3 dogs on two separate occasions. The first 2 dogs almost got to me; the 3rd dog didn't stand a chance. Kind of scary, though, when these dogs dart out of nowhere and start chasing you. Overall, it was a nice two-hour adventure on the 29'er.


millhouse said...

I often get chased by dogs on those gravel roads up north.

Redbone said...

I use to work at James Arthur Vineyards.

Joshua Barker said...

Oh, that takes me back to when ragbrai went through the Amana colonies in Iowa. Wine has never tasted better. Riding has never been so awesome.

I hope you had solid buzz for the ride back to Lincoln.